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Super Water & Energy Efficient Laundry Equipment

Save on utility usage, save on utility costs!

With the constant increases in water, electricity and gas prices, reducing your utility usage can create substantial savings on your bills. Therefore it’s more important than ever that your laundry is equipped with energy efficient equipment.

Between 2000 and 2011, the price of gas has almost tripled, with the cost of electricity not far behind. In the 11 years shown on the graph above, electricity prices have doubled, in contrast to water prices which have remained constant.

Therefore, making changes in your laundry can make a big difference to your bottom line, which is why we've introduced a range of super energy efficient washers and dryers which when used together can create very substantial ongoing utility savings.

FX Washers

Available in capacities of 6 to 30kg, the FX washers are highly energy and water efficient, offering you great savings on your washing utility costs

  • Use 15% less Water
  • Use 20% less Energy
  • Plus the unique drum design and high G Force creates 25% less residual moisture for reduced drying times & dryer energy consumption

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EVO4 Heat Pump Dryers

Availabe in capacities of 9 - 16kg, the EVO4  dryers are highly energy efficient, offering you significant savings on your drying costs

  • Use 60% less energy than standard dryers

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