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Creating an efficient laundry with consistent wash quality

When thinking about what you need for an efficient laundry environment, it’s all too easy to focus on the ‘big ticket’ items such as the equipment and overlook the smaller cost items, like the detergents, as something that will be 'just taken care of’.

However when it comes to wash quality, the choice, dosing and mix of detergents used are a crucial factor in creating not only a great result, but also in creating an efficient laundry. A laundry without the right detergent solution in place is likely to suffer from problem staining, resulting in items needing to be rewashed or pre-soaked, additional processes which add time and effort but which can be easily avoided if the right detergent mix is put in place.

Powder Detergents

Professional powder detergents, formulated for the commercial laundry environment offer a powerful washing solution, but also have a number of disadvantages, primarily being they don’t offer the most cost effective solution.

They’re easy to over or under dose resulting in either unnecessary costs or a less than ideal wash solution. Spillages are also common creating an untidy environment, a possible slip hazard and an inefficient use of resources. Theft can also be an issue, with powder easy to place into smaller containers to be taken for use at home.

Liquid Detergents

In the commercial laundry environment, these are designed to be dosed into the wash via an auto-dosing system. This ensures the right amount of chemical is dosed at the right time, on every cycle helping you to save money and improve wash quality.

The detergent mix is tailored to meet the specific demands of your site, taking into account fabric, soiling and water types to help you consistently achieve the best possible wash quality with optimum fabric care whilst creating an efficient, effective laundry.

Save Money & Time

Accurate dosing saves you money by reducing over use of detergent, spills & casual theft. And because the system is automated, it leaves your staff free to carry out other tasks, increasing their productivity.

Reduce Chemical Handling

With the detergents being automatically dosed, direct contact with potentially hazardous chemicals is removed making a safer laundry environment.

Laundryserv offer a complete range of detergents and the expertise to ensure you get the right chemical mix for your laundry loads, for more information on how we can help your laundry, please contact us.

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