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The laundry options that can help with infection control

Infection control is a key concern for laundries in many sectors, as it’s been proven time and again that textiles can be a source of cross contamination, making the laundry a key focus area.

For a laundry to really make a difference in infection control, proper processes and procedures must be put in place and followed for every load. With regards to disinfecting linen and garments, the options are either thermal or chemical disinfection, and sites should consider carefully which method to use.

Keep it hot...

Thermal disinfection is always going to be used by the majority, as it’s the easiest option, and Laundryserv’s bestselling, energy efficient and easy to use FX range allows thermal disinfection cycles to be utilised on all capacity machines from 7 to 32kg.

Or add something in...

Chemical disinfection (which includes wash additives and Ozone solutions) has its place, but we’ve found that this tends to be mainly in larger sites or groups that have economies of scale in buying power. Healthcare sites that fall under the new Department of Health CfPP 01-04 guidelines should be aware that that if they choose to use chemical disinfection that they will need to undertake periodic swab testing to prove that the system is working consistently. Laundry managers should also be mindful that despite some claims, these methods still require warm water and detergents in order to ensure textiles are cleaned visually as well as hygienically!

Laundryserv provide the Laundryguard O3 Ozone system, which has been scientifically proven to destroy MRSA and Clostridium difficile. We’ve installed the system at a number of sites, as it provides an effective way to disinfect items that can’t be washed at the high temperatures required for thermal disinfection e.g. clothing.

Or you could build a wall...

For new healthcare sites, we’re starting to see a greater interest in barrier washers. The premise behind these are simple: the washers have two doors, one at the front and one at the back, one for loading the dirty laundry and one for unloading the clean laundry. The washer straddles a physical partition, such as a wall, making a physical separation for the soiled & clean laundry areas.

Laundryserv supply the Primus FXB and MB ranges of barrier washers, which have a proven track record of use throughout Europe. Available in capacities of 18 or 24kg, the FXB washers are based on the design & technology used in Primus’ FX washers, ensuring they offer the ultimate in energy and water savings as well as helping in the fight against contamination. For larger requirements the Primus MB range of barrier washers offer capacities ranging from 26kg to 180kg.

We'll support every option

And lastly, no matter what machines and method of disinfection you choose, it’s vital that your laundry equipment is properly supported by an appropriate support service, as it’s an unfortunate fact of life that equipment breaks down! And when your laundry is critical to your business you need to know that an engineer and a fixed machine are not far away. That’s why at Laundryserv we offer 24/7 customer support, 7 day service cover and 8 hour service response, and target all customer visits with a 95% first time fix rate.

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