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What are the benefits of going cash free?

Do we use cash any more?

How much loose change do you have in your pocket right now? Probably not much. Nowadays, more and more consumers are opting to conduct their transactions using cash-free methods. Whether paying for petrol, clothes, groceries or even household bills, it’s easier, faster and often more secure to pay using a credit or debit card. It is a huge security risk to carry large amounts of cash around on your person.

What is the cost of being a cash only system?

Every year, retailers are losing out on a staggering £12bn per year by not accepting card payments. Our society is becoming more and more ‘cash free’. Handling cash on-site is expensive, time consuming and fraught with security issues. It costs the average SME over £3k per year just to handle cash, a cost that is drastically reduced when card payment options are offered.

Smart launderettes are a smart solution

Providing laundry facilities can be costly and fraught with problems, especially as coin-operated laundry equipment can be a magnet for theft related vandalism. Laundryserv help to remove these problems by providing reliable user financed washers and dryers, whilst removing the need for money to collect in un-secure areas. The service utilises unique Smart Technology featuring non-laundry located pay stations plus smartchip and wireless technology. This makes it ideal for all sorts of sites such as Holiday Parks, Communal Laundry Facilities, Housing Blocks, Students Halls and many more. Read about the benefits that Wilmslow Park Student Accommodation found by swapping to a cashless launderette here.

This innovative system means there’s no money collecting in the laundrette, so site managers don’t have to worry about staff emptying money from the machines or carrying large, heavy amounts of coins around site. It also removes the hassle of customers needing change for the laundry and as the system is both secure against fraud and misuse and is easy to use, it’s a welcome solution from both the users and managers perspective.

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