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Welcome to Laundrywatch... the Online Laundry Application from Laundryserv 

Your laundry has been provided to offer you a convenient and cost effective facility, so spending time gathering your laundry together and making your way to the laundry room only to find that all the equipment is in use can be a real annoyance!

Check for washer or dryer availability

That’s why Laundryserv have developed Laundrywatch, an online application which allows you to check the availability of your laundry rooms washers and dryers via the internet before setting off. And once you’ve put your washing in, you can use the same system to check when the wash or drying cycle is complete!
It’s so easy to use, simply click on "Choose laundry" above, and choose your location and laundry room from the drop down lists that appear.
Your selected location will then appear, showing you how many and which washers and dryers are available or if they’re in use how long is left on each cycle. Simple!

Credit your laundry Smartcard online

If your site uses Laundryserv’s Smartcard or Smart Key Fob system, you can also now add laundry credit to your card via our secure online system. So instead of having to find a £10 note and visit the top up station to credit your card, you can now obtain laundry credit via your PC, from the comfort and security of your own residence as and when you need to.
The system accepts payment from a Paypal account or a credit or debit card, and is totally secure. All you need to do is create an account with your details and laundry card number, and you'll be able to top up your card online!

Laundrywatch, making your laundry even more convenient!

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