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Laundry Detergent Auto-Dosing System

Laundryserv's auto-dosing detergent system automatically doses liquid detergents into your wash, always dosing the right amount at the right time, everytime, helping you to save money and improve wash quality.

We tailor the solution to meet the specific demands of your site, taking into account fabric, soiling and water types to help you consistently achieve the best possible wash quality.

And using a single supplier for your laundry equipment and detergent dosing makes perfect sense - you know they'll work in harmony togther, and you have a single point of contact. So no matter what your laundry issue we'll take care of it.

The Advantages of Detergent Auto-Dosing

Accurate Dosing

Auto-dosing ensures the right amount of detergent is used in every cycle, giving you the best possible wash results with optimum fabric care.

Save Money & Time

Accurate laundry dosing saves money by reducing over use of detergent, spills & casual theft. And because the system is automated, it leaves your staff free to carry out other tasks, increasing their productivity.

Reduce Chemical Handling

With automatic detergent dosing on every wash, direct contact with potentially hazardous chemicals is removed, reducing the likelihood of spills, making a safer and tidier environment.

Complete Care

This unique solution combines quality laundry equipment, a reliable and accurate auto-dosing system and tailored detergents in one all-inclusive, low monthly price. No hidden costs, no surprise bills, no stress.
Complete Care offers complete peace of mind by...

  • Making budgeting easier with a single monthly cost covering your Laundryserv equipment rental and all detergent usage 
  • Guaranteeing all equipment will work in perfect harmony to provide an excellent wash quality 
  • Removing the need to place regular repeat orders for detergents, as the system automatically dispatches detergents to you on a regular basis 
  • Ensuring there are no hidden laundry costs 
  • Creating a single point of contact for any laundry query

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