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Guaranteed   disinfection

Fresher smelling laundry

Improved fabric softness

Reduced drying times 

Ozone Disinfection System 

The Intelligent Laundry Ozone System

Ensure all your laundry is thoroughly disinfected with Laundryserv’s unique Laundryguard O3 laundry ozone disinfection system. Using proven technology it safely and effectively kills bacteria, viruses and superbugs such as MRSA and Clostridium Difficile in all wash cycles.

  • Extensively tested in real laundry situations by NHS laboratories
  • Proven to destroy MRSA, C.diffificile, as well as other bacteria, viruses and moulds during the laundry process
  • Automated system removes risk of operator error associated with thermal or chemical disinfection technique
  • Software monitors the wash cycle and records crucial information, providing a clear audit trail that disinfection has taken place on each wash cycle
  • Suitable for use on all fabrics (even delicates) as it doesn’t use high temperatures or harsh chemicals

It’s all too easy to place items that need disinfection in the washer, but set the programme to a nondisinfecting wash cycle. Using the Laundryserv's Ozone disinfection system ensures that even on a non-thermal disinfection cycle, your wash load is disinfected, providing complete protection to your customers and staff.

How does ozone disinfection work in the laundry?

Ozone is a completely natural, yet unstable molecule, and it’s this instability that‘s key to its powerful disinfection properties.

The ozone molecule is made up of three oxygen atoms, and as the ozone naturally reverts back to oxygen, it oxidises and therefore destroys any micro-organism it comes into contact with including bacteria, viruses & moulds.

Ozone has been used as a key element in disinfection and purification for many years across many industries, including the treatment of bottled and mains water and in food manufacture. Laundryserv have taken this technology and intelligently applied it to the laundry environment.

Additional laundry benefits

As well as the principal benefits of thorough disinfection, the ozone also provides a number of additional secondary benefits including:

  • Reduced drying time
    Ozone helps to open the textiles fibres, allowing more water to be removed in the spin cycle, so the laundry requires less time in the dryer.
  • Fresher smelling fabrics and a fresher smelling laundry
    Ozone creates the “smell of fresh air” (like you get after a thunderstorm) and in a laundry it does the same - it leaves fabric smelling fresh and clean, and helps to deodorise the laundry environment.
  • Improved fabric softness
    Ozone helps to open and plump up the fibres, so fabrics feel softer
  • Reduced costs on both your washing and drying
    As the wash water doesn’t need to be heated to thermal disinfection temperatures and the drying times are reduced this helps to reduce energy consumption and lower costs

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