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Reinforced build quality

Large loading door 

Variable spin speeds  

Easy access to all parts 

Primus RX Washers (15 - 32kg)

Laundryserv's range of Primus RX washers are rigid mount, standard spin washers with

  • Ultra balance technology to detect load imbalance and protect the machine by adjusting the spin speed
  • Softwash technology to protect linen from direct contact with detergents
  • Eco3 wash technology for energy efficiency and  reduced utility bills
  • Available as coin operated or OPL
  • Ideal for launderettes, equestrian centres etc
  • Also available in smaller capacities of 8 to 12kg


Primus RX Washers

RX135 RX180 RX240 RX280
Capacity (kg) 15 20 27 32
Height (mm) 1225 1410 1410 1410
Width (mm) 750 890 890 890
Depth (mm) 900 915 1060 1135
Door Diameter (mm) 410 460 460  460 
Spin Speed (rpm) 760 490 490  490 
WRAS approved product  Y Y Y  N    
1 phase (hot water supply required) N N  N    
3 phase Y Y Y  Y    

Laundryserv’s Primus RX washers offer a host of features to benefit the user and their laundry

  • Large loading door opens 180˚ making the machine easy to load and unload for the operator
  • Large door handle makes it easy to open and close and features a continuous ratchet mechanism making it almost impossible to overturn and damage
  • User friendly soap hopper is located on the top surface to allow easy access
  • Easy access to all vital parts of the machines make servicing and maintenance quicker
  • Variable spin speed allows programmes to be tailored to reduce drying times or protect delicates
  • Robust build includes reinforced black steel shafts which are oversized and welded for strength and a longer life span
  • Ultra Balance technology detects any imbalance and adapts the spin speed accordingly to protect the machine. This optimised stability also dramatically reduces the noise levels
  • Wash Technology
    20% Less Energy Consumption
    15% Less Water Consumption
    25% Less Residual Moisture
  • Softwash soap is added to the wash water at the bottom of the drum during the washing cycle, thus avoiding direct contact with the linen and potential
    chemical damage making this option ideal for delicate fibres
  • Supereco programmes create greater savings by reducing wash times and water consumption for lightly soiled loads
  • Cascade Drum helps to create a better wash result, with reduced energy consumption
  • Powerwash uniquely designed perforated ribs within the drum help to prove the water movement and hence the wash quality
  • Trace Tech is an optional wash management tool allowing you to monitor and review useage as well as set up, copy or edit wash programmes over multiple machines, saving you time and money

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