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No use of solvents 

No hazardous waste 

Low water & energy use

Easy to use 

Wet Cleaning

WetCare wet cleaning offers a proven solution for laundering 'dry clean' only garments without the need for solvents and without the need for a specialist dry cleaning machine!

Wet Cleaning Equipment

Using a standard commercial washer and dryer and specialist Kreussler detergents, Laundryserv's wet cleaning offers businesses the ability to safely and effectively launder specialist 'dry clean' only garments using water and specialist non-hazardous detergents.

One Machine, Double the Income

And because its a commercial washer and dryer you can also use the same equipment to launder your standard washing such as service washes or duvet cleaning, so you're able to use the same equipment to process two revenue streams helping to make your business more profitable!


Proven Wet Cleaning Technology

Using proven technology and processes, Laundryserv's Wetcare wet cleaning solution utilises washers and dryers, Kreussler Lanadol detergents and Pony spA finishing equipment to create superior wash results suited to all fabrics.

Suitable for delicates

With its unique honeycomb drum, the washer works effectively to clean delicate fabrics such as lace, silk, leather, suede and even UGG boots, and with it's low water and energy use, you can be assured that your utility bills aren't going to go through the roof! 

Business Benefits

In addition to increasing your profits, Laundryserv's WetCare Wet Cleaning solution also offers a wealth of other business benefits including:

  •  Short programme times
  • No use of solvents
  • No creation of hazardous waste
  • No cycle monitoring requirements
  • Low water and energy use
  • Easy to operate equipment

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