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Laundry solutions for care homes

Laundry Solutions for Care & Nursing Homes

Nobody understands the laundry requirements of the social care sector better than Laundryserv, as we supply care homes across the country with tailored commercial laundry solutions and support.

Our range of laundry equipment is ideal for care homes, as they are not only easy to use and highly energy efficient, but are also robust, reliable machines capable of dealing with heavy duty wash loads and soiling.

Hygienically Clean: Laundry Disinfection

All our care home laundry equipment offers thermal disinfection cycles, and with the availability of our unique Laundryguard Ozone disinfection system which can be added to any washer, it means you can implement an effective laundry infection control process for all textiles, no matter what the temperature you wash at, whilst reducing energy costs and cycle times. The Laundryguard disinfection system kills bacteria, viruses and superbugs such as MRSA and C Difficile through a process of ozone disinfection. Pure ozone is injected into the wash cycle, making effective disinfection at low temperatures and on short wash cycles.
From 6kg capacity machines and upwards, you can trust Laundryserv to supply top quality laundry equipment tailored to the needs of your care home.

Visually Clean: Detergent Solutions

We also provide auto dosing systems that offer substantial cost savings over traditional powder detergent dosing by automatically injecting the correct amount of liquid detergent, softener and bleach into the washing machine, at the right point in the cycle, every time.

7 Day Service Support

With the laundry an important part of your care homes service, its reassuring to know that all our laundry equipment is available with our 5 Star Service Package, making Laundryserv available to contact 24/7, and available with a 7 day call out service.

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