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Laundry solutions for equestrian centres

Laundry Solutions for Equine Environments

Equestrian centres bring their own challenges with regards to the bulkiness of items needing to be washed and the potential for cross infection.

Washing machines for Horse Rugs & Blankets

That's why we provide a range of washers and dryers that are ideal for the equine environment, offering large capacity machines with large loading doors for ease of loading & unloading blankets etc. We also provide a range of drying cabinets that are ideal for drying large bulky items as well as riding boots.

Laundry Disinfection Solutions

We also provide our unique Laundryguard O3 Ozone system to help ensure that all items washed are thoroughly disinfected even if they require a low temperature wash - making it the perfect option for many equestrian items.


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