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Smart Technology

Provide cash free, worry free managed launderette facilities

Our Managed Laundry System uses cashless Smart Technology, which utilises secure non-laundry located pay stations, re-usable smartchip cards and fobs and card scan stations offering a secure and reliable solution for safer, user-financed laundrette facilities.

This dramatically reduces the problems associated with unsecured coin launderettes and removes the inconvenience and risks associated with regular cash handling.

Benefits to your site include

  •  Removes the risk of having money in unsecured laundry areas
  • Payment Station located in a secure environment of your choice
  • Secure against fraud and misuse
  • No need to regularly empty money or tokens from multiple machines
  • Removes the risk of staff carrying large, heavy amounts of coins around site
  • Suitable for all sites including historic buildings
  • Easy installation with minimum disruption to site

Benefits to your residents include

  •  Reduce downtime of machines due to theft related vandalism
  • No need to find correct change for the laundry machines each time
  • No issue of the machines not working due to the coin or token box needing to be emptied

The Smart Technology solution includes

Smartcards or Fobs

We offer a choice of reusable cards, disposable cards or key fob style units, all of which are durable and secure against fraud, and unique to our system

Pay Station

This translates users money into Smart credit and can be located anywhere on site - the more secure the better

Card Scan Station

This is located in the laundry room. When the users card is scanned it debits their Smartcard account and starts the laundry machines, using wireless technology for a safe and secure solution

Reader Unit

These optional units are ideal for reception areas, as they allow staff to check remaining Smartcard credit on a card or when used with a cash register, can be used to credit smartcards in conjunction with the Pay Station solution

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